About Personal Space

Lotte Bækgaard
Visual artist, Fine Art Photography, Glasgow School of Art
Materialer: Eg, Tekstil

With ‘About Personal Space’ My wish has been to build a moveable wall made from the spare materials of Bank of Materials. The wall functions as an actual wall, that can be moved around as well as a sculpture. My intention has been to make the piece as a wood construction, and fill out the middle part with various fabrics.

As a start when building About Personal Space I chose to work with oak planks from Dinesen. I picked this type of wood simply because I find it to be the most beautiful, despite the fact that oak is an incredibly solid material to work with.

In addition to the wood I brought home two different kinds of off-white fabric from Kvadrat. I started out trying to cut the wood at home, but quickly realised that it was way too hard for my own jigsaw. Therefore I brought the materials to a local FabLab in order to use their machines. With help from their very skilled carpenter I had the wood cut and planed to the needed sizes.

At home again I was constructing the frame, which meant cutting of the edges and assembling the corners with dowels and heavy glue. I extended the sides as the original planks were too short. The next phase included polishing and waxing of the wood. The fabric I cut and sew into a square-shape and then suspended  inside the wooden frame with fish string.

Originally the sculpture was intended as a standing room divider, and therefore works as a freestanding sculpture placed directly on the floor. This is the first time that I am applying wood in my art practice, and it has been a challenging process as using the right machines is keen in order to get good results. 
Furthermore being accurate is equally very important and since patience is not my strongest trait, I at times found myself being very frustrated as I needed a lot of help from others. Having said that, it has been a huge pleasure working with the wood and I would not have been able to do that without getting these exact materials from BOM.

Working with the fabric was easier as I could do that on my own, which allowed me to experiment more. As a result the fabric was suspended with invisible string inside of the frame, which makes a beautiful silhouette and shadow effect.

Some of my inspirations for this particular project includes artists Annika Von Hausswolff, Tove Storch, Liam Gillick and Eva Rothschild. I as well have been inspired by office cubes and Japanese screen dividers.

I am a visual artist working within the fields of analogue photography, drawing, sculpture and installation. My practice originates from personal experiences and investigate the fragility between human relations and what is on the border of place, self and other.

Currently I am occupied with the subjects of family, nature and mental and organic elements. Identity and belonging are essential questions to me and themes that i keep returning to.

Lotte Bækgaard (b. 1988) holds a BA in Fine Art Photography from The Glasgow School of Art, as well as a BA in History from The University of Copenhagen. She lives and works in the outskirts of Aarhus, Denmark.

About Personal Space simultaneously functions as a sculpture and a moveable wall. When making the piece I kept the concept simple by only working with two different materials, and by working with familiar shapes e.g. the square.

The piece is both fragile and stable and consists of opposites; the hardness of the wood and the softness of the fabric. The piece speaks about a personal space and focuses on spatial qualities. Thus an intention was to make a sculpture that works as a guard and shield on both a physical as well as an emotional level.

To conclude, despite the bumpy process, I am very happy with the result and the way the sculpture turned out.


Written by Bank of Materials