We are a cross-disciplinary team of designers, developers and communicators driven by the common goal of exploring the potential of surplus materials together with companies, institutions and creatives across the globe. The Bank is an open space that allows artists to implement their creative projects and new concepts through application of surplus wood, leather, fabric and natural stones, which we supply from our partnerships with Dinesen, Sørensen Leather and ZURFACE. Apart from our natural materials’ suppliers, we established a long-term collaboration with Aarhus School of Architecture in order to provide the ongoing exchange of knowledge and research.

Our choice of collaborators is based primarily on the quality of the materials, strong creative potential and importance of values. Accordingly, we seek the same features in our future partnerships: we are open for new collaborations with material suppliers and educational institutions, who maintain and develop their sustainability focus and therefore would be interested in our concept. In return, we offer a truly unique experience of combining creativity of the Bank’s clients - visual artists, designers, architects and other makers with realization of underestimated potential of surplus materials. 

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Bank of Materials
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